Why are forklift batteries not durable and what are the reasons for not being durable

Forklift batteries are not durable, usually for the following reasons:

1. The rated capacity of the battery is too low
Different models of batteries have different rated capacities. The larger the capacity, the more electrical energy the battery can store, and the longer the forklift’s battery life will naturally last. But generally speaking, the larger the capacity, the larger the size. However, the size of the space reserved for assembling batteries by the forklift is fixed. If the battery assembly space of the forklift has been maximized, can the capacity be further increased? The answer is: yes. The advanced production technology and high-quality raw materials adopted by the Belance Power Mall can make the spare capacity of the Belance battery up to 10-15%. Belance is your wise choice!

2. The charging time is insufficient or the charger does not match
Insufficient charging time means that the battery capacity is not fully charged, which is equivalent to reducing the rated capacity of the forklift battery in disguised form; if the battery does not match the charger, it will lead to less charging or overcharging. Long-term wrong charging methods will also cause irreparable, Permanent decrease in battery performance. So if we want to maximize the performance and life of a set of batteries, scientific usage methods and battery maintenance training are essential.

3. The specific gravity of the electrolyte is not up to the standard
The standard specific gravity of forklift battery electrolyte is 1.275-1.280. Due to improper maintenance, water shortage and other reasons, the imbalance of specific gravity leads to the decline of battery performance. At this time, the specific gravity data of each battery cell should be measured in detail, and then the neutralized electrolyte with the corresponding specific gravity should be injected to balance the specific gravity and restore the battery performance.

4. A single cell of the battery pack is damaged
Individual cells are damaged due to special reasons (such as lack of water in the battery, decrease in specific gravity, etc.), resulting in a decrease in the overall voltage and capacity of the battery pack, resulting in insufficient battery life. When the power supply is used for a long time, the damaged cell will also drag down the performance of other cells (damaged). The single battery is not discharged, and other batteries are overdischarged), which in turn causes the life of the entire battery to decrease. When the maintenance personnel find out this is the reason, the damaged single battery should be replaced to avoid greater negative effects.

5. Battery storage time is too long
When a group of batteries is stored for a long time and is not replenished regularly, the overall performance of the battery will decline. At this time, several saturation charging and discharging should be performed gradually to slowly restore the battery capacity. When we need to store a set of batteries, we should fully charge the battery first, and then recharge it once a month, which can help us maximize the performance of the battery when it is not in use.

6. The forklift battery indicator is abnormal
When we are working on the forklift, the forklift display shows that the battery is low. At this time, our first thought must be that the battery is not durable. But we often overlook the fault of the forklift. Many of our customers reported after-sales cases with short battery life, and after testing, they were often found to be the fault of the display meter of the forklift. That is to say, when the battery still has a certain amount of remaining power, the display meter gives an early warning. At this time, we only need to repair the display meter.

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