Troubleshooting method of battery forklift battery

Battery forklift batteries are expensive and are an important part of battery forklifts. Once the main breakdown affects the daily production of the factory, the battery pack is the key to determining the working time, maintenance and repair costs of the forklift. Generally, there are few problems with trams, but the quality of the batteries is average. product, it will cause a lot of tedious things in the follow-up.

In the process of use, the voltage of the battery pack is often high or low, the internal resistance is too large, seepage and leakage, and the shell is deformed. According to the analysis of the batteries that have been scrapped and the actual measurement, it can be known that the capacity of the battery pack cannot reach the nominal capacity when working, which is the most common phenomenon, resulting in shortened battery life and early scrapping.

The actual service life of a battery forklift battery is affected by both internal and external factors. The external factors mainly include overcharge, overdischarge, the impact of the operating environment, and the lack of matching chargers. The internal factors are mainly the reduction of moisture in the electrolyte. When the moisture content of the battery is reduced to a certain level, it will cause the battery to fail.

Under normal circumstances, the electrolyte saturation in the battery should work normally when it is greater than 95%. According to the data, if the saturation drops from 95% to 85%, the battery capacity can be reduced by 20%. Therefore, internal factors are the direct cause of battery capacity reduction, which indirectly affects its lifespan. In the process of gradually reducing the moisture in the battery electrolyte, high float voltage, high internal resistance, liquid leakage, and shell deformation often occur. And a series of phenomena, as well as discharge, the greater the depth of discharge, the shorter the battery life, the harm of over-discharge to the battery is mainly as follows: the active material of the positive plate softens and loosens, the utilization rate decreases, and the lead sulfate generated by discharge cannot be discharged in the charging mode. recovery, resulting in a decrease in battery capacity.

In addition to the above analysis, we also need to know whether the contact terminals of the electric forklift battery are loose or not, and the output power of the motor increases. These need to be checked one by one. There are two tools for battery maintenance: one is a voltmeter, and the other is a hydrometer.

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