Ten precautions for storage electric forklift batteries

Forklift batteries are generally used in warehousing, logistics, warehouses, factories, ports and other places. They are mainly used for vehicles in the handling yard. The battery is the power source. When charging, it is usually at night, and the charging room is put on hold. There are a few points to pay attention to, generally unmanned. On duty, as a forklift driver, you must abide by the correct operating rules, use it safely, and keep in mind the following ten most basic precautions:

1. Warehousing electric forklift batteries will produce hydrogen gas, which may cause an explosion. It is strictly forbidden to smoke near the battery, and it is strictly forbidden to generate any flame or spark. The battery must be stored or charged in a well-ventilated place, but not at the air outlet to avoid corrosion caused by acid mist.
2. The battery fluid of the storage electric forklift truck contains corrosive liquids, which may cause serious burns. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothes. If an accident occurs, please rinse with plenty of water immediately and seek medical attention immediately.
3. When checking or maintaining the battery, please use rubber gloves to avoid electric shock.
4. The surface or connection of the storage electric forklift battery must be kept clean. Dust, impurities, etc. must be removed with a damp cloth, otherwise it will leak electricity and even cause a fire.
5. When cleaning the battery, be sure to use a damp cloth, not a dry cloth.
6. Do not use tools to connect the positive and negative electrodes of the battery.
7. The temperature of the electrolyte should not exceed 50 degrees Celsius when charging, so as to avoid damage caused by the overflow of the electrolyte, especially during the summer and daytime.
8. Before unplugging the battery, in order to avoid sparks, be sure to turn off the key switch of the forklift and the switch of the charger.
9. The electrolyte level should not be lower than the minimum limit, otherwise the battery will be hot and easy to burn.
10. Keep away from children.

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