Replace electric forklift lead-acid battery 24V36V48V60V72V80V96V/Please contact the forklift battery manufacturer


(China) Famous electric forklift lead-acid battery manufacturer, we can provide you with high-quality service, here are the most complete forklift battery models, worry-free logistics and transportation, global delivery, welcome to consult: WhatsApp+8617817703765 (WeChat), Google Email:

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Forklift battery ordering instructions:
When ordering a battery pack, the customer should inform: vehicle brand, model, battery pack specification and model, voltage level (V) and capacity (AH), the maximum size of the iron box (length*width*height/total height), connectors ( Plug) specifications and models, preferably with a photo of the battery pack (looking down on the entire battery pack).
Due to the large number of product models and a wide range of regions involved, the shipping fee cannot be determined. The customer needs to provide the relevant port/airport address, and contact customer service for relevant fees. Thank you for your understanding. Support customized voltage: 24V/36V48V60V72V80V96V Capacity: 160-1200AH.
regarding payment:
For the computer, please click on the China (Taobao) trading platform:
mobile phone:
【淘宝】 CZ3457 「电动叉车电瓶蓄电池24V36V48V80V适用于合力杭州斗山火炬西林叉车」

About payment: 30% deposit is paid in advance, the production is completed (the supplier provides product related pictures), the balance payment is paid for delivery, the company account payment, or Taobao platform transaction.
Applicable models:
Heli Forklift / Hangzhou Forklift / Linde Forklift / Toyota Forklift / TCM Forklift / Komatsu Forklift / Hyundai Forklift /
Longgong Forklift / Jianghuai Forklift / Tailifu Forklift / Lizhiyou Forklift / Daewoo Forklift / Xilin Forklift / Hyster Forklift /
BT Forklift / Kobelco Forklift / STILL Forklift / Jungheinrich Forklift / Nuoli Forklift / Sumitomo Forklift / Mobility Forklift /
Dalian Forklift / Liugong Forklift / Doosan Forklift / Niuli Forklift / Tiyou Forklift / Baoli Forklift / Mitsubishi Forklift /
Nissan Forklift/ Jixinxiang Forklift/ Youen Forklift/ Clark Forklift/ Kelang Forklift/ Zhuoyi Forklift/ Zhongli Forklift/
Max Forklift / Youjia Forklift / Cape Forklift / Dalong Forklift / Zoomlion Forklift / Great Wheel Forklift / Chery Forklift /
Viking Forklift / He Forklift / Shantui Forklift / He Intelligent Forklift / Dongfanghong Forklift / Jingjiang Forklift / Xiagong Forklift /
Weishihai Forklift / BYD Forklift / Seiko Forklift / Himic Forklift / Explosion-proof Forklift / Zhongli Forklift / Crown Forklift / OM Forklift / OPK Forklift / Forklifts of various brands are suitable.
Reminder: Due to security issues in cross-border transactions, our company supports chat software WhatsApp video verification factory.


24V, 36V, 48V, 80V


210AH, 240AH, 360AH, 380AH, 400AH, 480AH, 560AH, 630AH, 720AH, 860AH, 900AH, 1000AH, 1200AH


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