Replacement electric forklift battery price 24V/Contact us lead acid battery manufacturer.


(Made in China),(WhatsApp+86 17817703765) high quality, cheap price, electric forklift battery supplier for industrial truck/stacker/material handler/tractor/2V lead-acid battery/custom large capacity battery
Applicable to: pallet forklift / stacker forklift / counterbalance forklift / reach forklift / picking forklift / off-road forklift / heavy-duty forklift / telescopic forklift / more than 300 specifications and models 180ah | 210ah | 240ah | 280ah | 320ah | 1050ah | 1150ah | 1200ah/For more models, please contact customer service.

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Forklift battery ordering instructions:
When ordering a battery pack, the customer should inform: vehicle brand, model, battery pack specification, voltage level (V) and capacity (AH), the maximum size of the iron box (length*width*height/total height), connectors ( Plug) specifications and models, preferably with a photo of the battery pack (looking down on the entire battery pack).
Due to the large number of product models and a wide range of regions involved, the shipping fee cannot be determined. The customer needs to provide the relevant port/airport address, and contact customer service for relevant fees. Thank you for your understanding. Support customized capacity 160-1200AH
Forklift battery production process:
01 Long service life
The positive plate of the battery is tubular, and the negative plate is paste, with high capacity, low internal resistance, stable high and low temperature performance and long service life
and other significant advantages, such as good deep charge-discharge performance.
02 Grid has good corrosion resistance
The unique alloy material is formed by high-purity multi-element lead-based die casting. This grid has superior corrosion resistance and creep resistance, higher than other grids.
03Battery consistency is good
The single cell is connected by welding or flexible wire, with good battery consistency and strong recovery function from deep discharge.
04Advanced plate curing molding process
Adopt domestic advanced internal molding technology, strictly control product quality, and fully guarantee the balance, consistency, stability and reliability of each battery before shipment.
05 High strength polyester tube
The use of high-strength polyester tubes and PE bag separators can effectively solve the problem of tube rupture during use and the short-circuit problem of lead dendrites penetrating both sides of the short-circuit electrode group, ensuring the efficiency of the battery’s oxygen recombination reaction.
05The shell is made of high-end PP material
The battery shell and cover are made of high-end PP material, fully automatic computer heat-sealing technology, shock-proof, leak-proof, and high-temperature resistance, making the product durable.
Applicable models:
Heli Forklift / Hangzhou Forklift / Linde Forklift / Toyota Forklift / TCM Forklift / Komatsu Forklift / Hyundai Forklift /
Longgong Forklift / Jianghuai Forklift / Tailifu Forklift / Lizhiyou Forklift / Daewoo Forklift / Xilin Forklift / Hyster Forklift /
BT Forklift / Kobelco Forklift / STILL Forklift / Jungheinrich Forklift / Nuoli Forklift / Sumitomo Forklift / Mobility Forklift /
Dalian Forklift / Liugong Forklift / Doosan Forklift / Niuli Forklift / Tiyou Forklift / Baoli Forklift / Mitsubishi Forklift /
Nissan Forklift/ Jixinxiang Forklift/ Youen Forklift/ Clark Forklift/ Kelang Forklift/ Zhuoyi Forklift/ Zhongli Forklift/
Max Forklift / Youjia Forklift / Cape Forklift / Dalong Forklift / Zoomlion Forklift / Great Wheel Forklift / Chery Forklift /
Viking Forklift / He Forklift / Shantui Forklift / He Intelligent Forklift / Dongfanghong Forklift / Jingjiang Forklift / Xiagong Forklift /
Weishihai Forklift / BYD Forklift / Seiko Forklift / Himic Forklift / Explosion-proof Forklift / Zhongli Forklift / Crown Forklift /OM Forklift /OPK Forklift /
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180AH, 210AH, 240A, 280AH, 320AH, 360AH


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