How to realize fast charging of lead-acid battery of electric forklift/stacker

In order to maximize the speed of the chemical reaction of the battery, shorten the time for the battery to reach a fully charged state, and at the same time ensure that the polarization of the positive and negative plates of the battery is minimized or lightened, and the use efficiency of the battery is improved, fast charging technology has been rapidly developed in recent years. develop. Several popular fast charging methods are designed around the optimal charging curve, and the purpose is to make the charging curve as close to the optimal charging curve as possible.

The conventional charging method adopts the low-current slow charging method. The initial charging of the new battery requires more than 70H, and the ordinary charging also requires more than 10H. If the charging time is too long, it will not only prolong the charging detection time and cause waste of electric energy, but also limit the cycle times of the battery and increase the maintenance workload. The fast charging method can shorten the charging time of the battery, improve the charging rate, save energy, and increase the number of battery cycles, which has great practical significance.

(1) Battery fast charging technology

In the mid-1960s, American scientist Maas did a lot of research on the gas evolution of the battery charging process, and proposed an acceptable charging current curve for the battery based on the minimum gas evolution rate. In the charging process, only the charging current is required, so the charging time is greatly prolonged. In the later stage of charging, the charging current is greater than the acceptable current of the battery, so a large number of air bubbles are generated in the battery.

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