Forklift battery maintenance

For lead-acid batteries, except maintenance-free type, the following points should be paid attention to in daily maintenance:

First: the battery must be kept clean frequently;

Second: Do not let any foreign impurities fall into the battery;

Third: All tools and materials used must be kept in a clean and covered place;

Fourth: The sulfuric acid traces and dust on the entire exterior of the battery must be cleaned regularly;

Fifth: the contact device between the individual cells and the connection with the wire must be completely reliable;

Sixth: If the battery has a sealing cover and a vent plug, the vent hole must be checked and cleaned;

Seventh: You must pay attention to the height of the electrolyte surface, and do not let the plates and separators expose the liquid surface;

Eighth: The electrolyte must be adjusted to a normal density, and it can only be done when the battery is charged;

Ninth: During the discharge process, the terminal voltage and electrolyte density of each single battery should be checked frequently, and the discharge degree of the battery should be paid close attention.

Tenth: Do not allow the battery discharge current to exceed the maximum limit specified by the manufacturer;

Eleventh: The temperature of the electrolyte should not exceed the specified value in the manual, generally 45 degrees Celsius;

Twelfth: The charging current shall not exceed the manufacturer’s regulations;

Thirteenth: According to the manual, perform equalizing charging on a regular basis;

Fourteenth: If the battery is put on hold for a long time, in order to avoid excessive self-discharge and severe sulfation, it should be replenished once a month.

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